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Racing on the bridge is common.

I used to live in an apartment complex that was very close to the Gandy Bridge. It was common to hear street racers hauling ass across it in the middle of the night. It’s also pretty common to read stories about people who have been cited, arrested or even crashed while doing so.
The latest case of speeding across the bridge happened early Sunday morning, when police observed two vehicles racing across the bridge at a high rate of speed. Investigators with the Florida State Highway Patrol say they arrested 20-year-old Oddami Luis Silvia Stevens after clocking his vehicle at 132 mph on the bridge. Stevens was charged with racing on a highway. The driver of the other car was not merntioned in the arrest report. The speed limit on the bridge is 55 mph.
For reference, the fastest speeding ticket in recent Bay history was recieved in Polk County, when a man was ticketed and arrested for going 155 mph. The man was fined over a thousand dollars and was required to appear in court. The fastest ticket ever received in America was received by a man in Texas, who was taking his Koenigsegg CCR out for a spin and got clocked at 242 mph. While this story has been circulating for years, it has never been verified, so it may just be an urban legend. Source:

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