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Ice Cube means so much to so many different people.  A successful hip hop artist, movie star and business man.  This guy doesn’t stop.  It was a little over 5 years ago, “Cube” as I’m allowed to call him, came up with the idea of 3 on 3 basketball, which he calls Fire Ball.  It’s played by former NBA stars and coached by some former NBA and WNBA greats.

I had a chance to speak with “Cube” before the Big 3 playoffs which are coming to Amalie Arena in Tampa this Sunday August 14th.  We talk about the Big 3, what other projects he has coming up, his favorite cars and whether or not he is packin heat while on the phone with me.  Listen below to the interview.  You can learn more about the Big 3 and get tickets here.


First Toronto Raptors Game at Tampa's Amalie Arena