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It’s no secret that The Villages have been a breeding ground for swingers. The central Florida retirement community was the fastest growing metropolitan area in the nation just a couple years ago.

Residents often feel like the have to justify why they moved to the neighborhood so they don’t get judged. The Tampa Bay Times wrote an inquiry on the 38,000-member Facebook group and got some interesting comments. “My doctor in Ohio even, when he asked where we spend time in Florida, stated ‘Oh, The Villages — the highest STD rate in the country,’” wrote Jan Schweitzer on the post.

“We are more worried about alligators than crabs here,” typed Sean Donnelly.

So who started the rumor that these retiree’s love to boink? Some say a nurse spread the tale, but most people trace it back to a 2006 news story “Doctors in Retirement Community Seeing Increase in STDs.” However the story is no longer active online.

The Tampa Bay Times interviewed a village employee. “In reality, I don’t see much STDs,” said Villa, who has worked in The Villages almost two decades.

In reality, the three counties containing The Villages tend to have significantly lower STD rates. Sumter County had one of the lowest rates of sexually transmitted diseases among older adults in 2019 —with about one in 10,000.