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If you’ve flown this summer, you know the airlines are having a tough go of it. After having so many empty seats during the pandemic, travelers are overwhelming the terminals this year.

Staffing remains the biggest problem. The Tampa Bay Business Journal reports that around 4,000 flights will be cut nationwide starting in November through February of next year. They say that Florida airports will see the biggest changes and loss in service. Flights from Tampa International Airport to 8 markets will be eliminated, including Syracuse, Providence, Columbus, Dallas, Portland (Maine), Milwaukee and Green Bay.

You might be surprised like I was that Frontier isn’t even in the airport’s top 5, in terms of number of passengers. Southwest carries the most Tampa passengers with over 5 million in 2021. They are followed by Delta (3.2 million), American Airlines (3.1 million), United Airlines (1.8 million), and Spirit Airlines (1.7 million.) [Source: TBBJ]

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