The gator had been seen in the area recently.

Truth is, most of us have experienced pain. I’ve accidentally driven a thumb tack under one of my fingernails. I’ve crashed a car at 130 mph. Hell, I’ve even been married. I still can’t imagine going through what Florida man endured this week. It all started with a liesurely swim in Lake Thonotasassa, which is a bit northeast of Tampa. As the man swam and enjoyed the moment, suddenly something appeared out of nowhere and clamped down directly on his face, leaving a gaping wound in the shape of an alligator’s jaws.
As the victim let out a scream of pain, a passerby saw the man and sprang into action. The man was able to make it to shore, where the witness rendered aid with a towel to slow the blood loss. The witness thought the man had hit a rock underwater at first, but then saw the obvious outline of alligator teeth on the man’s face. Once the victim was removed from the water, an ambulance was called and the man was taken to the hospital, where he is expected to recover from the serious injuries. Considering there are 21 million people in our region and over a million alligators, it’s easy to see how the two groups could run across each other now and then. Although alligators generally shy away from humans, they will still attack when provoked. If you see an alligator that is at least 4 feet long and in an area where it should not be, contact the Floridа Fish аnd Wildlife Commission so they can decide on the proper actions to take. A local resident said he and his family had noticed an alligator swimming nearby recently and a trapper had been showing up looking for the gator on several occasions.
This is nowhere near the first attack this year. Several victims, ranging from children to an 80-year-old woman, have been reported in just the last month. Remember, alligators are most active in the summer. Never walk close to the edge of water, espcially at dawn or dusk. Plus, always keep an eye open for threats. If you see an alligator that’s at least 4 feet long hanging around areas where humans frequent, report the incident immediately. Source:

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