Jeff Zito

Weekday Afternoons 3pm - 7pm

Time to take relaxation to a new level as you soak away your troubles at Florida’s first beer spa. That’s right, beer spa!

Take a trek to Orlando and treat your body to a sumptuous soak in barley and hops. My Beer Spa is the first place in the Sunshine State offering what they call “a hop infusion treatment.” The beer tubs are filled with all the ingredients that make beer: water, barley, hops, and brewers yeast. The only thing different about this mixture when compared to the beer we drink is that it doesn’t undergo the fermentation process. That’s right, you’re soaking in non-alcoholic beer.

So, what are the benefits of lounging in a tub of pre-fermented beer? According to My Beer Spa, plenty! Hops releases oils that moisturize the skin, improves micro-circulation, and prevents premature aging. It also has anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory properties. The brewer’s yeast contains plenty of essential vitamins and minerals plus, it’s terrific moisturizer.

If you’re wondering if My Beer Spa smells like an old bar, you’re wrong. “The hops we use for the treatment are of a citrus flavor profile so it smells fruity. And you won’t end up sticky because the treatment isn’t fermented beer so it doesn’t stay on the skin,” said co-owner Barbara Corzo.

Why did they decide to open a beer spa in Florida? Corzo enjoyed the beer spas that she and her husband experienced in Eastern Europe so much, they decided to bring it to the States.

The only beer spa in Florida is located at 11787 International Drive in Orlando and yes, My Beer Spa does serve beer!

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