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The program addresses addiction and overdose deaths in Florida.

Florida has a new program they hope will curb addiction and deaths due to fentanyl and related opioids. Governor Ron DeSantis spoke at a conference yesterday and described a new plan to deal with the epidemic in Florida. DeSantis blamed the drug crisis on illegal opioids coming across the border from other countries, saying most production takes place in China and then the product is smuggled in through Mexico.
According to DeSantis, over 2,000 fatal overdoses due to fentanyl have already occurred in Florida this year. That means that the drug was responsible for approximately 80% of all drug-related fatalities. He went on to say that deaths related to fentanyl are far higher than with most other drugs. In fact, lacing other drugs with fentanyl has resulted in higher death rates, too. Finally, deaths from fentanyl have risen by 800% since 2015.
The governor told the crowd that less than a handful of the drug was capable of killing everyone in the room where he was speaking. Part of the governor’s plan includes very stuff penalties for dealers of fentanyl. He went on to say that a huge part of beating fentanyl is ending addiction to the powerful drug. Over the last few years, fentanyl deaths have replaced car deaths as the number one leading cause of death in Florida. Source:

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