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Tom Brady gets to celebrate his 45th birthday with a cake that reflects how most people see him. Teammate Leonard Fournette gifted Tom a huge 3D cake in the shape of a goat for the GOAT. It’s a risky move gifting Tom something so rich and sweet, since he sticks to a super strict diet. Maybe it would have been a good idea to stuff it with avocados. Either way it’s an incredibly nice gesture from the Tampa Bay running back.

What may not be seen as a nice gesture is the “Happy 100th Birthday” note on the cake. Tom isn’t even half that age, but some people like to crack jokes, especially the young NFL players who weren’t even born yet when Tom was drafted.

The cake came from insanely popular baker Kristina Lavallee, or better known as The Cake Girl. Hopefully Tom enjoys it as much as social media did.

Happy birthday to the GOAT, we’re happy to have you on our team.