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Gas prices have come down quite a bit over the past few weeks… but not this low. Today only, you can save some money on gas if you’re driving near the Marathon gas station at 17519 Bruce B. Downs Boulevard in Tampa. Starting at 2pm, the station will drop their price per gallon to $2.38… but it’s just for one hour.

Expect a long line. Will it be worth saving $15 or $20? That’s up to you.

The stunt is a political statement. The group organizing the whole thing says this is what gas SHOULD cost all the time. They blame politicians, but AAA says the price of crude oil dictates the gas prices. Throw in problems because of COVID-19 and the Ukraine invasion and we almost saw gas hit $5 a gallon a few weeks ago. But for one hour today, you can fill up for half that… if you get in line in time. [Source: Channel 8]

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