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A no swim advisory has been issued for seven Sarasota beaches. If you’re heading to Siesta Key Beach anytime soon, you’ll want to stay out of the water. Why? According to Channel 8 News, the health department said high levels of enterococcus bacteria were detected in recent samplings of the water. What is that you may ask? Enterococci is a type of bacteria found in the gastrointestinal tracts of humans, dogs and other animals. The bacteria can cause serious infections for people and pets. So basically bacteria from human sewage, pet waste, birds, storm waters, and other sources have contaminated the waters. However the Florida Department of Health in Sarasota stated that there have been no reported sewage spills within a mile of the affected beaches.

The other beaches that are under a no swim precautionary are:

  • Bird Key Park/ Ringling Causeway
  • Service Club Beach
  • Venice Fishing Pier
  • Brohard Beach
  • Casperson Beach
  • Manasota Key

All of these beaches will remain open during this time, but no one should swim in the water. It’s also been advised to not eat any shell fish such as shrimp or crabs that are collected in those areas. The health department will test the waters again on Thursday and are expected to have the results by Friday afternoon. If bacteria levels are considered safe then the advisory will be lifted.