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Police found it, but couldn't save it.

Let’s all take a moment to thank our lucky stars that putting things in people’s mouths doesn’t normally end with losing a digit. There was a recent exception to the rule in Florida, however.
An altercation between two men wound up with one man missing a finger, while the other man wound up in jail on some pretty serious charges. Tavares Police say they arrested 37-year-old Daniel Campbell at his home over the weekend. Investigators responded to a call in Summerall Park on Sunday. The caller said a man had lost a finger. When officers got there, they found the victim on the scene. The victim was sent to the hospital for treatment, while the accused attacker was located at his home. Once located and questioned, the suspect was arrested. When the victim was interviewed at the hospital, he told them that he and Campbell had gotten into a fight. During the initial verbal confrontation, the victim put his finger in the face of the suspect. The victim said he pushed Campbell, who in turn opened his mouth and bit down on the man’s finger, severing it at the first knuckle.
Police went to the home of the suspect. After an investigation, the man was arrested. As he was being arrested, police say the suspect said, “I bit off his finger because he put it in my mouth”. while officers were unable to reattach the finger, they did locate it and it has now been placed in official evidence. Campbell now faces a charge of aggravated battery with great bodily harm. Source:

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