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Over 125 vases were stolen from graves.

Investigators from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office say 125 bronze vases that were mounted on graves in a cemetery were stolen and later scrapped at a local scrapyard. Deputies say 31-year-old Douglas Deck Jr was arrested over the weekend and charged with several counts of dealing in stolen property, damage to a tomb or property and possession of fentanyl. On or about July 13th, representatives from Memorial Park Funeral Home in St. Petersburg discovered that dozens of vases that were attached to graves in their cemetery had been broken free and taken. The urns were intended to hold flowers on each grave. They reported the theivery to police, who set an investigation into motion. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Ofiice has a specific division that deals with theft and pawn shops, and the team did a great job of locating the stolen goods quickly. A call from a local scrap yard broke the case wide open last week, when they reported that aman had broiught them bronze vases several different times over the last month or so. While the stolen property was estimated to be worth about $150,000, the man sold the urns for a total of about $1,150. The suspect told police that he found the vases and decided to turn them in for cash. The man remains in jail. Source:

Springsteen Tickets > 401k?

Bruce Springsteen Fans are Pissed About Concert Ticket Pricing Structure

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Guns N’ F’n Roses!

Guns N’ Roses: All 87 Songs Ranked

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