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EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY - OCTOBER 17: Kyle Rudolph #80 of the New York Giants gestures during the second half against the Los Angeles Rams at MetLife Stadium on October 17, 2021 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

Tom Brady has a new tight end.

Reports surfaced late yesterday that veteran Kyle Rudolph had signed a one-year deal with the Bucs.

The news follows “Gronk” reiterating that his playing career is done.

Rudolph spent last season with the New York Giants, and before that, he was a two-time Pro Bowl selection during his ten years with the Minnesota Vikings.

Gronk Explains Retirement

Tom Brady's Snack Food of Choice

TB12 says he eats 30 to 50 of them a day. And for guys like me Tom’s age who wake up groaning, perhaps we should skip the drive thru and take note. On his weekly podcast, Tom Brady says he is “a big almond guy” and that he consumes a few dozen a day. Healthline reports that eating just an ounce of almonds gives you about 1/3 of your Vitamin E, Manganese and Magnesium. They’re low carb too and are loaded with antioxidants. And if you have diabetes, they can help control your blood sugar. Plus they make you less hungry because they have protein and fiber.

But enough of what the medical experts say. Amateur hour comedians of Twitter have given their take on Tom Brady’s snack tip.

  • Celebrating A Bucs Win

    So far the Bucs are 2-0. So that means 2 extra almonds to splurge.

  • Almond Side Effect: Bad Fashion Choices

    C’mon Tom.  You can afford a mirror bro.

  • Not an almond fan?

    Nor am I. So liquify!

  • On bad days...

    Sometimes we eat our feelings.

  • You can be a super hero too...

    Tom eats almonds. Be like Tom.

  • But those Subway ads?

    He’ll have the ham and cheese footlong.  Just hold the ham.  And the cheese.  And the bread.

  • That infamous day he strayed from the almond diet...

    Tequila and almonds are apparently a bad mix.

  • Fascinating but true math!

    Let’s win another almond this year. I mean ring.