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A couple with mismatched sex drives found a VERY modern solution to their problem!

A UK couple (Char and Callum Grey) were having relationship issues when they discovered their sex drives did not match up.  Callum had a much higher libido than Char and they were considering inviting another person or people into the bedroom.

Char was worried that she would be jealous and was a little uncomfortable with that idea so they came up with the idea of getting a sex doll! It has been the best decision they ever made and has really improved their sex life.

Now when Callum is in the mood and Char isn’t he can use the sex doll. They actually used one that didn’t quite work well for them and upgraded to a new one that looks alot like Char. The Char look-a-like doll has worked out so well the two have been able to leave their day jobs and pursue content creation on OnlyFans.


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