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TAMPA, FLORIDA - JUNE 07: Joe Tryon-Shoyinka #9 (C) of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers works out with teammates during the Buccaneers mini-camp at AdventHealth Training Center on June 07, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

We are getting closer and closer to the kick off of the NFL season.  As the excitement builds, it was just announced that some players on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have joined Cameo.

If you aren’t familiar with Cameo, its basically a site that you can pay for a celebrity to send you a video message.  It could be pro athletes, rock stars, reality stars, etc.

Choose from former Buccaneer greats like Derrick Brooks or Warren Sapp.  Also  current Bucs Devin White, or Antoine Winfield Jr.  Be prepared to shell out some cash.  Some guys could charge $500 per video message.  I found the best deal to be Jamel Dean.  A video message from him runs a cool $35.

Bucs 2022 Home Game Ticket Prices

Tom Brady’s return for at least one more season is keeping “get in” ticket prices in the triple digits. By “get in,” we mean the nosebleeds. The tickets that just get you in to the game. Brady’s announcement that he changed his mind and will play this season made the NFL start from scratch when they were creating the schedule this year. The moves were made to make sure the Bucs have some prime time TV coverage.

If you’re looking to go to a game this season and want to save some dough, you might want to wait until the end of the season. The Bucs’ first two games are by far the most expensive tickets of the season, while their final regular season game at Raymond James Stadium is kind of a bargain right now. Let’s break it down game by game, from least to most expensive on the secondary market websites.

  • #8: January 1 (vs. the Carolina Panthers)

    The only ticket right now for the Bucs that’s under $100 on the reseller market is for the last game of the season at Ray Jay on January 1. Your New Year’s Eve celebrations may have to be cut short because this will be an early 1pm game. Right now, tickets can be had for $60 (plus fees of course).

  • #7: December 5 (vs. New Orleans Saints)

    Apparently there’s not much interest to see Jameis Winston back in Tampa.   The next to lowest demand for this season is this Monday Night Football matchup.  Tickets start at $112.

  • #6: October 9 (vs. Atlanta Falcons)

    The Bucs have swept the Falcons the past two seasons. And the Falcons will be without Matt Ryan and Calvin Ridley. Tickets for this one start at $125.

  • #5: October 27 (vs. Baltimore Ravens)

    This will be the only Thursday night game for the Bucs this season. It’ll be a short week for both teams so it could get a little messy, which might explain why you can still get in for about $185.

  • #4: November 6 (vs. LA Rams)

    This week 9 match up will be about revenge.  The Rams swept the Bucs last season, including the loss that ended our playoff run. Tickets are a hair under $200 for this one right now.

  • #3: December 18 (vs. Cincinnati Bengals)

    Tom Brady vs. Joe Burrow?  I like Tom Brady.  But this one could come down to the closing moments meaning you’ll get your money’s worth.  $233 gets you in to this one right now but expect that price to go up once things heat up.

  • #2: October 2 (vs. Kansas City Chiefs)

    I honestly thought this Sunday Night Football Super Bowl LV rematch would be the priciest of any of the games this season, but it comes in second.  Tickets start right now at about $325 for this one. For what will likely be the last Brady vs Mahomes game ever?  That’s kind of a bargain.

  • #1: September 25 (vs. Green Bay Packers)

    Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady one more time. The Packers don’t play well in Florida and it’ll be loud for the home opener at Ray Jay.  But seeing this one in person will cost you… it’s the most expensive of any of the games this season right now with the cheap seats at the top of Section 330 in the corner going for $350.  Add in those fees and you’re right around $400.