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Things went horribly wrong for a couple involved in a kinky sex game while on vacation in Italy!

This is about to get dark sided… A British man was found dead and a woman seriously injured after what is suspected to be an erotic game gone wrong. The couple had returned to their Italian hotel room in “high spirits.”

The next morning the couple was found by a chambermaid.Β  The man (rumored to be an amateur rugby player) was deceased and the woman was covered in cuts and bruises. The woman had asked her for help and they called paramedics.

The deceased man also had cuts on his body and is suspected of having a seizure before passing.Β  There was blood in the room and forensics is collecting evidence.

The woman was taken to the hospital she was in serious by stable condition. No word on the exact erotic game they were playing, but that is what they suspect was the cause of the injury.


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