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Scary moment at a zoo in Minnesota this week when a camel attacked an employee by biting him on the head!

According to a report from the local sheriff’s office, the worker was identified as 32-year-old Roger Blencker.  He was taking the camel to a location on the zoo property to prepare it for transport to another facility.  That’s when the animal bit down on Blencker’s head.

The camel dragged Blencker by his head for 15 feet before another zoo worker intervened and pried open the camel’s mouth allowing Blencker to escape to safety. The camel then charged at the second zoo employee who was also able to escape.

(Not for sure the camel from the story, but an image of a camel from the zoo the incident occurred)

Blencker was airlifted to the hospital.  The zoo issued an update that all injuries were non-life-threatening and is expected to make a full recovery.

Update on the owner: We wanted to give you an update to the incident that occurred today. The owner has been examined by...

Posted by Hemker Park & Zoo on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

The camel also was not injured during the incident.