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Police say the man had been warned before.

Before I say anything else….damnit, I want a Ferrari! Secondly, a pretty crazy video surfaced yesterday. Police in Flagler County say they pulled over a red Ferrari for going 92 mph, which was 22 miles per hour over the posted speed limit in that particular zone. A dash cam in the officer’s vehicle captured the entire event on video. As the officer told the man he was going to recieve a citation for his infraction, the man interrupted and told him that he understood the process because he “runs the county”. The officer responded by repeating the man’s words. “You run the county?”. Mullins then said, “Yeah, I’m the Chairman of the county”. While the comment was made in a normal voice and didn’t seem to be uttered in a threatening manner, the press has been going crazy over the comment and its possible implications since then. Before you make up your mind, I suggest you watch the video. The driver turned out to be the Chairman of the county commission as he had claimed. No further comments were made by the suspect about his position. Once the man accepted his ticket, he took off quickly into traffic on the interstate. The Chainrman has not yet made a comment about the incident. Source:

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