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A female Brazilian influencer learned the hard way that farts can be pretty serious!

Viih Tube, real name Vitória De Felice Moraes, is the Brazilian YouTuber and influencer that was forced into a wheelchair after holding in her farts.  Viih Tube was at a music festival in Portugal with her boyfriend when she started experiencing pains.

The pain was so bad that they put her in a wheelchair at the airport.  It turned out to be just trapped gas because Viih Tube was too embarrassed to pass gas in front of her boyfriend so she had been holding in all her farts.

No official report has been released, but we believe she will make a full recovery after cutting a few thunderous rips out of earshot from her boyfriend. Remember doctors encourage people not to hold in their farts, or they may be absorbed into the bloodstream or exhaled from their mouths.


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