The employee ran for her life.

The video is just wild. It all started at a fast food restaurant drive-thru window. As the cars came and went, yelling their orders into the speaker and driving forward, everything seemed to be going quite normally. That’s when it got a little crazy. Security surveillance video shows a man producing a pistol, threatening the employee with it, then climbing into the restaurant through the open window as the employee, terrified, ran from the area. Police in Orlando say they are looking for the man in the video, but they have few details to go by. The suspect’s outfit concealed many of his distinguishing features. For now, all they have to go by is what he was wearing. They say the suspect wore a light gray mask, a hoodie, a straw hat, shorts and beach shoes. Investigators say the man threatened the employee with a handgun before climbing out out of his car window and into the Wendy’s drive-thru window, which was open at the time. Once inside, the man lunged for the cash drawer, which had been left open by the fleeing employee. The man grabbed the entire drawer and climbed back out the window. The report goes on to say that the suspect left in a black Nissan Altima. Authorities are still searching for the man. Source:

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