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Need a good laugh? Check out this video of a news anchor in Albany, NY drunkenly struggle to get through her broadcast.

This definitely sounds like something that would happen in Florida. The CBS news anchor, Heather Kovar, was suspended after slurring her way through her Saturday broadcast. It looks like she had a break in between her morning and evening broadcasts to indulge in some adult beverages. What was her giveaway? Well, other than slurring her words, having trouble keeping up with the teleprompter, rocking a disheveled look, and she did something a lot of drunk women tend to do: talk with their hands. You could tell she was really trying to keep it together and not laugh at her mistakes.

At one point in the broadcast while covering an outdoor series, Kovar said “Like I said, it’s just sooo amazing. You’re going to catch so many different bands from 6 p.m., and you can still make it tonight, if you’re in Lansingburgh, you can make it tonight. Because there is a -uh- tribute band, starting about right now, that’s uh, that’s gonna do something with -uh- the Tom Petty. Seriously, if I wasn’t here, I would be there.”

Another highlight reel from the broadcast is when she could not form a coherent sentence. Kovar tried segueing a story by saying “And so, moving on tonight, is we have to tell you also, you know, like other news is happening in the area and across, you know the area, uh in the nation, let me tell you about this.”

The whole broadcast is hysterical, watch the full video below.