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SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND - MAY 20: A couple sit in a jacuzzi on the top deck during the first sailing of brand new ship MSC Virtuosa, the first cruise to depart the UK since lockdown on May 20, 2021 in Southampton, England. (Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images for MSC Cruises)

A hotel guest busted two different couples getting it on in hotel high rise jacuzzi rooms.

The guest claims to have stepped out onto their balcony and seeing the two couples. The first couple can be seen getting two things done at once.  A male can be seen performing a couple different sex acts on the woman while she enjoys a bowl of noodles! Is that a foodgasm?

The second couple appears to be a couple rooms over and can be seen engaging in a very sexual position and motions between the posts of a small canopy.

The camera operator claims to have only filmed the naughty sessions to “aide law enforcement” and NOT for any OTHER reasons.  Due to the laws in Hong Kong all three parties could be looking at fines and jail time for violating decency laws.

No word on what kind of noodles the woman was eating.


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