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It’s not uncommon for classic rock bands to display women’s undergarments that were thrown at them during their set. Take Slipknots Corey Taylor or Avenged Sevenfold’ Synyster Gates for example. But it IS a little rare to see male undergarments’ being thrown on stage. That’s exactly what happened with Nita Strauss at a Alice Cooper show back in 2021.

The female guitarist relived the experience via social media the other day. She wrote “The year was 2021. The city will remain nameless. Touring had just started back up post lockdown, and the band and fans were in a good mood.” She then went on to explain how she noticed a group of younger guys in the front row that seemed to be having a good time, headbanging, shaking their fists, etc. Nita didn’t think that much about it, especially when the last song before the encore came and she noticed he was no longer in his seat. She thought to herself that he had left the show early to get a head start on traffic, but boy was she wrong.

When the band came back out to sing the finale, School’s Out, Nita noticed the fan was back and had his friends cracking up. It was then in the middle of the song when a gray, sweaty pair of boxers hurled onto the stage between her and Alice. They didn’t even have to think twice, they knew where it came from. The entire band bursts into laughter and the guy’s briefs was laid out on the riser, showing ALL the after effects of being worn all day at a hot, outdoor August show. The band decided to toss the boxers back into the crowd, intending to give it back to its rightful owner, but overshot by a couple rows.

Strauss gives great advice at the end of her post “The moral of the story is this: Don’t throw your boxers at a girl unless you’re prepared for them to go places you didn’t expect. (Or, ya know… maybe just don’t throw your boxers at a girl in general.)”