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What a crazy story! A Florida man is charged with attempted murder after he attacked his 77 year-old boss and landlord on Tuesday night. Freddie Vale, 47, from Volusia County allegedly attacked the elderly man with a hatchet before going to get his pistol and threatened to kill him.

According to Volusia county sheriffs, Vale handed his boss and landlord the hatchet before he quickly grabbed it back and began to threaten him with it. The victim states that Vale jumped on top of him and attempted to strike him with the hatchet. The 77-year old was defending himself by kicking and dodging his attacker. Deputies then said that Vale quickly went into his apartment to retrieve a pistol and tried to shoot the victim, however the gun did not fire. When Vale pulled the trigger a second time, he shot the 77 year-old in the cheek on the left side of his face.

The victim witnessed Vale speed away in his vehicle after fleeing the scene, he then called 911. Thankfully, the injuries that the victim sustained were not life threatening. He was treated at a local hospital for a gunshot wound to the cheek and a laceration to his right thigh. Considering the situation, his injuries could have been much worse.

So far there is no motive for the attack. Strangely enough, the victim stated that he had a good relationship with Vale after knowing him for about four to five years. He added that he allowed Vale to stay on his property after being “down on his luck.”

One of the craziest parts about this story is that Vale decided to go shopping after the attack. He was picked up without incident at a Walmart in Deltona, Florida not long after the assault. Vale is charged with first-degree murder with a firearm and is being held without bail.