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You’ve probably seen these devices similar looking to a USB at gas stations, but not for long. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is ordering the trendy e-cigarette manufacturer Juul Labs to pull its products from the U.S. market as soon as Wednesday, June 22. According to the WSJ, the ban of the sweet flavor e-cigarettes comes after a two-year review of their application to keep its tobacco- and menthol-flavored products in the U.S. market.  However, the order does not prevent consumers from possessing or using Juul products.

E-cigarettes deliver nicotine to users by vaporizing liquid in cartridges or pods. The FDA has already banned the sale of fruity and sweet flavors for e-cigarettes in 2019 and shares of the company have significantly dropped since then.

The e-cigarette company gained popularity mainly with teenagers in 2017 when they released a slim, trendy version of an e-cigarette. That year, the Juul sold over 16 million devices and teenage tobacco product usage also doubled in percentage. In 2018, Juul suspended it’s social media campaigns and pulled sweet flavors from stores in hopes to settle lawsuits and help limit rises in teen smoking. CNBC noted that in 2019, federal data found that more than one in four high school students had used an e-cigarette in the past 30 days.

As the WSJ reported, the FDA has cleared several of Juul’s rivals, including Reynolds American Inc. and NJOY Holdings Inc., to keep tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes on the market. The agency has overseen regulation of tobacco products since 2009. Over that time, thousands of e-cigarettes appeared in stores without any approval. This news comes after President Biden pushes to decrease the nicotine levels in cigarettes to “non-addictive levels” as part of a greater push to decrease smoking levels in the U.S.

Do you think the ban will have any affect on teen smoking? Or do you think we’ll see a rise in cigarette usage again?