The alligator walked up to the ball and grabbed it.

Part of living in Florida is knowing when to fight and when to run like hell. A golfer in Ormond beach chose the option somewhere in the middle recently after an alligator sauntered up to his golf ball as it sat on the green, chomped down on it, and then casually wandered back into the brush. The alligator flipped the ball upward and caught it in his massive jaws before taking his time walking away. Alligators are in the middle of their mating season, so dude-gators are acting strangely…and aggressively. A man who was searching for lost Frisbees in a Florida pond earlier this week was killed after he was attacked by a gator. The reptile was captured and euthanized the same day. While the golfers in the video can be heard joking about the incident, they sure didn’t walk up to the gator and demand the return of the ball. One golfer can be heard saying “Chase him toward the hole and have him drop it in!”. The American Alligator is Florida’s state reptile and can be found in almsot any body of water across the state, so try not to get eaten. Source:

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