A video reportedly showed helicopters with people shooting from them.

If Florida Man gets his way, you might soon see flamethrowers and camping at his gun range. The owner of Ares Gun Range in Lake County has asked government officials for eased restrictions on his business, saying he’d like to allow flamethrowers on the property, as well as camping and increased hours of operation.

The proposal is not without resistance, however. One neighbor ridiculed the proposals, saying “Why not bombs? Maybe we can land jet fighters in there!”.

According to WESH, the gun range wants to increase its hours of operation form five days a week to six and stay open later into the evening. Another neighbor says the earlier hours would shatter the serenity of the small town.

A few years ago, a video surfaced of people shooting from helicopters and using flamethrowers on the grounds. Initially, the owner filed for an alcohol permit for the property, but has since dropped that request.

[Source: WESH.com]

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