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The boat is owned by the taxpayers.

Man, I’d love to have a cool boat. I’d be out on the Bay every weekend, just cruising and sipping on cool beverages.

Authorities say a Broward County Deputy was doing just that for the last four years. But the situation gets a little murky once you dive into the details.

The boat is government-owned and used for undercover operations on the water. Local 10 News says a Broward County Deputy was using a boat with permission from his superior for several years, all the while without cost.

That means there were no rental costs and no fuel costs. Everything was paid for by the taxpayers, without their knowledge.

The 23-foot Intrepid boat was allegedly being used for the deputy’s personal entertainment for years. Posts on social media showed several different passengers on the boat, riding around the Bay and having fun.

It was not learned until recently that the boat was not owned privately, but by the local taxpayers themselves. Many questions have been asked.

Was their alcohol onboard? Would the taxpayers be liable if there was an accident?

We may never know the answers to those questions, as the matter has seemingly been resolved. The Sheriff’s department says they have chosen to accept the fact that it happened and just move on.

There are no pending charges against the deputy or anyone else, but the boat will no longer be available to the man.


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