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Do you remember the story that came out just a few weeks ago saying Tom Brady was going to be traded to the Miami Dolphins?  Bucs fans were enraged and were yelling “fake news” although part of the story wasn’t so far fetched.

Apparently, Tom Brady was close to joining the Miami Dolphins franchise…as a team owner.

Brady reportedly would have been signing on as a minority owner of the team.

It’s been suggested that the Dolphins bringing in Brady as an owner could have eventually resulted in the team snagging the quarterback from the Buccaneers.

While we know how things panned out, Brady could become a free agent in 2023 and still head to Miami.

Miami Dolphins ‘Working On’ Making a Trade For Brady

[Source: CBS Sports]

Tom Brady's Snack Food of Choice

  • Celebrating A Bucs Win

    So far the Bucs are 2-0. So that means 2 extra almonds to splurge.

  • Almond Side Effect: Bad Fashion Choices

    C’mon Tom.  You can afford a mirror bro.

  • Not an almond fan?

    Nor am I. So liquify!

  • On bad days...

    Sometimes we eat our feelings.

  • You can be a super hero too...

    Tom eats almonds. Be like Tom.

  • But those Subway ads?

    He’ll have the ham and cheese footlong.  Just hold the ham.  And the cheese.  And the bread.

  • That infamous day he strayed from the almond diet...

    Tequila and almonds are apparently a bad mix.

  • Fascinating but true math!

    Let’s win another almond this year. I mean ring.