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Tampa ranked high on the list.

Tampa home values have obviously risen over the last few years, but a recent poll stunned even the experts. According to WFLA, homes in The Bay have tripled in value in the last 20 years.

Huge increases have also been seen in rent across the region. Low inventory and historically low interest rates have rocketed the cost of housing to stratospheric levels in the new millennium.

We’re still better off than San Francisco, where the average home now costs approximately a million and a half dollars. Tampa real estate has risen about 220%, while Miami real estate has risen about 223%, making them 6th and 7th most expensive across American cities.

For a handy rent comparison chart across Tampa Bay check out the following website for useful information.

Among the smallest increases were Detroit and Cleveland, although they still rose by almost 90% each. While many people have moved to Florida for the sun and beaches, many more still have left California and New York because of extraordinarily high tax rates.

The rise in home values and and population in general are expected to continue their insane trajectory.


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