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As soon as the cash came out, they attacked.

Let’s face it, older citizens are often victims of attacks and other crimes. Young assailants see them as easier targets.

That was proven wrong last month, when an elderly man showed a couple of teens that he was not an easy mark. You see, Florida man is not like the others.

He wrestles alligators when they attack his puppy, he drives his golf-cart on the interstate while high on meth and he sure as hell won’t be taking any crap from some kid with his dungarees hanging around his knees!

Florida man will kick your spindly ass if you try to rob him at the ATM. Even worse, he’ll bend you over his knee and redden that ass with his leather belt!

He’s a freaking AARP ninja! According to WFLA, police in Coconut Beach, Florida say a 76-year-old man was recorded making a withdrawal at a local ATM when two would-be-robbers approached him.

As soon as the man’s money was ejected from the machine, the two attackers tried to take it from him. As the video surveillance shows, two young assailants grabbed the man and attempted to wrestle the money away from him.

After a struggle, the two gave up and fled the scene. The man was able to keep his money and was not injured in the altercation.

Investigators say the intended victim also made lots of noise when the attack occurred, further drawing attention to the attack.


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