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The doctor faces another charge.

Artificial insemination is a procedure that has been used by millions of women over the years. It’s a great way to overcome problems that can sometimes seem insurmountable.

Patients can go to a doctor’s office, pick out the semen they’d like to have inseminated, and leave the office knowing they will most likely have a new family soon. According to WINK News, a Florida woman chose to try it, and went to a fertility doctor to become impregnated.

The plan worked, with a slight rub…investigators say the doctor who did the procedure “donated” HIS OWN SPERM. The woman underwent a surgery for artificial insemination way back in 1977.

Instead of using the sperm the woman wanted, however, the doctor placed his own semen inside the patient. The man would have gotten away with it had the woman not looked into the child’s DNA information later.

Cheryl Rousseau was awarded $250,000 for compensatory damage and another $5 million in punitive damages. A jury awarded the damages after they all agreed that the woman had suffered “wrongful and offensive” behavior from the man.

The doctor’s license to practice medicine has also been revoked permanently. While it’s hard to believe, the former doctor faces another similar lawsuit in another state.

The victim discovered the errant insemination when she ran a DNA test on her daughter a few years back.


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