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AMERICAN CANYON, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 16: A sign is posted in front of a Walmart store on November 16, 2021 in American Canyon, California. Walmart reported better-than-expected third quarter earnings with revenues of $140.53 billion, or $1.45 per share, compared to the analyst expectations of $135.60 billion, or $1.40 per share.

More than 25 years after Target stopped selling cigarettes, Walmart has decided to follow suit by ending tobacco sales — at least at some of the retail chain’s locations.

Company officials have announced plans to stop selling smokes in stores located in such states as California, Florida, Arkansas and New Mexico. “We are always looking at ways to meet our customers’ needs while still operating an efficient business,” reads a statement released Monday by Walmart officials.

Rival retailers Target and CVS have already put an end to cigarette sales, with Target clearing out its tobacco products in 1996 and CVS doing the same in 2014.