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Another day, another TikTok trend and while some of them are innocent, the dangerous Orbeez Challenge is one that Florida law enforcement are warning people about. The Orbeez Challenge has kids shooting strangers with Orbeez water beads using water or BB guns. And while the beads are soft, they’re not intended to be shot from a gun and when shot this way is capable of causing injury.

There is a dangerous social media trend called the “Orbeez Challenge” that encourages shooting strangers with “Orbeez”...

Posted by Ocala Police Department on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

There have been many reports of people being injured from getting hit with these water beads and while the Orbeez guns are not illegal or considered a deadly weapon, the New Smyrna Police Department said in a Facebook post that firing it at an individual is a CRIME and individuals can and will be held responsible. [Source WFLA]

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