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Look we could all use a break from these ridiculous prices we are paying for everything. Well, Florida agrees, and they have added a couple of tax-free holidays as they do for school supplies. This means when shopping out there you can expect to pay at least 7% less at the counter when you are grabbing certain times. Two of the coolest ones added to this list are the Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday and Skilled Worker Tools Sales Tax Holiday. Each has a specific window to grab these deals so you got to make sure you are ready when it comes around.

Hurricane Season is approaching and you never know what you will need. Thankfully Florida knows and they have decided to make sure you can get all of it without having to break the bank. Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday runs from May 28 through June 10. Florida Senate President’s Office, tax-free items include flashlights, lanterns, radios, tarps, coolers, batteries, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors, there are some pet supplies that will make this list as well. Additionally, Generators less than $1000 will also be tax-free.

From September 3-9, the state of Florida will be removing taxes when you buy Power Tools. Tax-free items include certain hand and power tools, work boots, safety equipment, shop lights, toolboxes, tool belts, plumbing, and electrical equipment, and industry textbooks and codebooks. Its called the Skilled Worker Tools Sales Tax Holiday and it is hoping to promote the skills trade industry and boost production here in Florida.


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