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Get it while it’s hot or it may be some time before you ever see a Tom Brady Jersey, cup, coozie, or last touchdown football. Man, I would hate to have been that guy, regardless since the GOAT announced his return things have gone crazy here in the Bay area. So crazy people have stormed out with these wild gas prices in search of Tom Brady merchandise to get ready for next season.

But because no one was expecting this momentous news to come through especially Sports Apparel shops, no one was ready for a surge in Brady gear sales. Local store managers are excited though they are unable to keep up with the rush demand of sales for Tom’s Merch. Don’t stress though if you don’t get your merch now because shop owners are saying they have orders set and in place to have enough gear to supply all the fans come July.

“We have Brady merchandise on order, we were actually just talking about it last week like, oh maybe we should go ahead and cancel that order because obviously Brady is retired,” Angel Hodnett,a local store manager . “But, fortunately enough we did not cancel the order.”

Some fans have even started making their own merch. Dave Gesacion and his wife came up with a design that many are stoked for.  The shirt design is simple it says “unfinished business” with the number 12 replacing the I and S after they heard the news. They plan on making more GOAT merch so if you need something it may be worth looking for them. [Source ABC Action News]

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