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Gas prices are still high and will probably be like that for some time, it was so bad that I saw a guy pushing his car just to get some better mileage. But there is good news out there, if you need gas we can at least tell you when it will be the cheapest.

After a rough couple of weeks, it looks like gas is heading down slightly, and even if it means a few cents, it may be worth filling up your tank right now. It’s early in the week still, and that is when most experts suggest filling up the tank. on Monday and Tuesday after that, the prices increase and reach their highest on Friday and Saturday.

Gas prices are hitting people so hard they are having a hard time affording to go to work right now, and if you think you can just rideshare your way out of this, I have bad news for you. Starting Uber is adding a temporary “fuel fee,” so starting Wednesday. You will have to pay an extra 50-cents for your Uber ride, and an extra 40-cents for your Uber Eats order.

During the last few months, the average price of gas has been roughly $4.34 a gallon, and right now, in the Bay area, we are looking at just a bit higher than that. Unfortunately, according to AAA, we have some of the highest gas prices in the state. Gas prices have set a new Florida record, with the average being $4.34 a gallon; the last record was set back in 2008 when prices were $4.08 a gallon. [Source Fox 35]

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