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It’s just a really good week to be a parent here in Florida. Don’t believe me take a look at our recent parent who is accused of helping her son do meth.

According to deputies Cheryl Ann Asiq, 38, has been giving her son meth for three days between Thursday, Feb 10 to Saturday, Feb 12. She held the foil containing the meth while it was heated and let her son inhale the vapors. A family member caught wind of the bonding time and called 911.

When police confronted Cheryl on the phone she said that she had only given her son a Xanax pill. First responders showed up and took the child to a local hospital. When Cheryl was confronted she asked the police if she would be going to jail.

During the treatment, Cheryl called her son and asked him to lie about where he got the drugs. This would of worked had she not let it slip during an investigation that the meth was hers. According to investigators, her story was that her son got the drugs when she was in the shower but later admitted that it was a lie. She admitted she gave him the drugs herself, thinking it would help him relax.

Cheryl was arrested on three counts of aggravated child abuse and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. [Source WFLA]

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