It came close to the state record.

Calves were disappearing from Florida man’s farm at an alarming rate. It turns out, the culprit was a huge alligator, measuring 13-feet long.

The man hired a Louisiana alligator hunter to kill the beast. After noticing it sitting on the shore of a lake recently, the hunter took out the gator with one shot, hitting it right above the eyes.

According to the Miami Herald, the beast weighed in at 905 pounds. The farm owner said he had no idea how big the creature was until they dragged it from the lake.

Makes sense. After all, it had been eating very well for a long time!

The man’s decision to have the critter killed was not only due to the loss of livestock. He said he was starting to worry about the safety of his family.

The Florida Wildlife and Fish Commission says Floridians are encouraged to live alongside the alligators whenever possible, but they should be contacted when a problem arises with one. One last thing, the big gator’s meat was harvested for food and the hide and skull will be used for a full-sized mount.

That’s gonna be a huge trophy, considering the reptile measured out at 13 feet and 4 inches. That’s about a foot shy of the record in Florida.

The record weight for a Florida gator is 1,043 pounds and the record length is 14 feet and 3.5 inches.


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