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Family is everything but are they worth scamming the government. This Florida man believes so as he was pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft.

Look, we get the government is not on the top of anyone’s list of people we like but are you really going to scam them? They always come calling when the money is due, and that’s what this Florida Man found out the hard way.

According to ABC, Wayne used his twin brothers’ ID to scam benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. VA provided Bowen with $32,434 in medical services, $18,905 in housing subsidies, and $12,434 in nutritional benefits. When the feds found Wayne and interviewed him, he told them he served in the military and received a dishonorable discharge. Later he would admit this was a lie.

Not only that, prosecutors report that he had been using his brother’s identity for years and was arrested and convicted for multiple felonies. His brother was unaware of all of this and has reported that he never authorized any of this.

In Jacksonville, Wayne Bowen, 64, has pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft in Jacksonville federal court. As a result, he is facing mandatory 2 years in prison. In addition, part of his plea deal, he is being made to pay back $63,773 in restitution. [Source: Orlando Sentinal]


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