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We all want to get the biggest TV we can but we don't want to pay that Big Screen price. We have the best tips of when to get a new big screen tv.

We all want to have that impressive home theatre that will have that snooty brother-in-law of yours jealous. Let’s call him Carl, and you know Carl will not be impressed with some simple 50″ inch hanging on a small stand in the garage. But you probably don’t want to spend that Big Screen TV money and I get it. So I talked with a few of the guys at local stores, and they gave me a few inside tips of when you should get that new TV.

  1. Wait for the Superbowl to be over! That’s right, and you may not get Carl when it matters but don’t worry, we will win this war. The biggest event in sports brings some of the biggest parties out there, and you will have people who go and buy something on credit just to bring it back the next day. That’s when you walk in like the fat cat you are and buy the open box at almost half the cost.
  2. April Showers bring New TV releases. The newest TVs are released in spring. When this happens, any unsold inventory is hit with a discount sticker so they can get it off the shelves. Carl won’t know you got the latest 70″ 4k monster, and he’s just going to be jealous that he doesn’t have one.
  3. Black Friday. Look, I don’t need to be clever here. It doesn’t get simpler than this. So when Carl is ready to head out to his Black Friday shopping, beat him to the stores and be prepared for that doorbuster.

How to Shop for that Perfect TV

I don’t want to explain when you should buy without telling you how to find that perfect fit. It’s like getting that cold beer in a frosty mug after a hard day of whatever you do. First, measure the spot you want to put a TV. Nothing sucks more than getting that 72″ and having only 58″ to work with (Giggity). Second, let’s go inside the store, because it may look good online but didn’t she when we met her. Third, check out social media because some stores offer deals and more only found on Facegram, Twitterbook, or wherever. Finally, shop around; you don’t want to be like that brother-in-law of yours that just blindly walks in grabs the first thing off the shelf.