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61-Year-Old Grandmother Trying to Have a Child with 24-Year-Old Husband. According to them, they have a fantastic love life and an Olnlyfans Account.

It may never be too old to find love but to have kids, well that may be another story. Right now a couple has gone to TikTok famous for their love and dance videos. However, the one that sparked the most attention was the video announcing them looking to start a family of their own.

Despite Cheryl McGregor having 7 kids and 17 grandkids, she and her husband Quran McCain are trying to find a surrogate to keep the family going. Cheryl says that even though she has so many kids already that they deserve one of their own. The pair tried to get pregnant on their own but due to Cheryl’s age, they decided to turn to surrogacy or adoption. They have even reached out to Cheryl’s daughters to help with surrogacy.

Unfortunately, they have both had hysterectomies and are unable to help with that. According to Cheryl Quran is fantastic in bed and their sex life is fantastic! Quran revealed this about his sex: ‘It gets better and better every time. It’s pretty normal, it’s not out of the ordinary, but to me it’s amazing.”

Don’t believe they have an Onlyfans account.


We are ready to start a family 🥰 @kingqurannewpage #family #agegapcouple #husbandandwife

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It’s a story of true love from their time working together at a Dairy Queen when Quran was only 15. They lost contact but when they found each other again when he saw her working at a grocery store in 2020 that’s when feelings really blossomed. According to them sparks really flew there and they started dating only to be married last year. Since Cheryl is much older than Quran, they know he may have to raise their child alone somewhere down the line and are prepared for that.

“People on social media have a lot of hate for us, they say I’m dating my grandmother,‘ Quran said, “I am not, she is younger than my grandmother, we are no different from any other couple, love is love.”


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