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The victim looked fabulous.

If you’re gonna get burglarized, you may as well look fabulous as it happens. Ya know?

According to Fox 13, police say two Clearwater women broke into a man’s home and covered him with glitter…really. Clearwater police say they took two women into custody after an altercation with a man with whom they had been arguing.

Cops say Sarah Franks, 29, and Kaitlyn O’Donovan, 27, arrived at the victim’s apartment at approximately 3 a.m. on Monday morning. The women began to argue with the man, who was standing on his fenced porch.

When the altercation reached a fevered pitch, police say the women threw a container of glitter at the man, container and all. They say the man was hit in the head with the glitter box.

That’s when the report says the women jumped over the fence and followed the man into his apartment, throwing two more containers of of glitter at him in the process. The report also says that one woman kicked a neighbor’s apartment window until it eventually broke.

The women then left the scene. Police later found one of the women walking down a street, still wearing the clothes she was wearing during the attack.

Both women were soon arrested and charged with felony burglary with assault and battery. No word on if and how the victim got rid of the glitter.


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