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Many secrets are about ot be revealed about legendary playboy Hugh Heffner. One such secret is how a dog becomes a drug addict at the Playboy Mansion.

A party at the Playboy Mansion was every young boy’s dream. Girls running around with the little bunny suits drinking with Hugh Heffner, dogs doing drugs?!? Well, not exactly but in a recent tell-all article from the ex, Sondra Theodore, of the late great Hugh Heffner had to lock away a friend’s poodle as the dog became a drug addict at the Playboy mansion.

Apparently, movie director John Dante’s poodle would come to the mansion with him and was very friendly. The dog would go around licking people’s faces doing what dogs do. Well with many people doing Cocaine at the party according to Sondra the dog became an addict. Whenever the poodle would smell cocaine she would make a mad dash to the person and start licking it off their face.

This became so much of an issue that whenever Dante would come over they would have to lock the dog up to keep it from wiping people clean of the drug.

Sondra said there were many vials of it around the house and the dog would always be able to find them. Lisa Loving Barrett says it was so prevalent in the house you could find it in the Toilet paper rolls in the bathroom.

Many of the secrets like the dog becoming a drug addict at the playboy mansion have been teased with the upcoming documentary on the life and times of Hugh Heffner and his infamous Playboy Mansion. Secrets Of Playboy will premiere Monday, January 25 at 9 pm on A&E in the US.

Secrets of Playboy A&E Teaser

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