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I am pretty sure there are better ways of getting out of a ticket than this, but a Florida Woman and Man are now under arrest after a road rage incident. During an altercation after a Florida man fired a gun during the incident, cops arrived, and the Florida woman jumped on the Deputy.

Around 10:30 PM on New Years Day, deputies responded to a 911 call where a road rage incident and a firearm discharge took place. According to Deputies Dylan L. Perez and Shiann M. Skidmore were driving Charlotte County when a car in front of them brake-checked Dylan and Shiann. Enraged by the act, Dylann and Shiann followed the man home, and Dylann got out to confront the man. Shiann moved into the driver’s seat and attempted to run the man over but struck the man’s car.

The man’s wife and kids were in the car during this incident and pulled out his concealed weapon firing three rounds in self-defense. The argument continued until deputies arrived. Deputies told Dylann to stay put, but Dylann attempted to get back into his car when a deputy stopped him from doing so. Shiann got out and tried to jump on the Deputy’s back but was shrugged off and handcuffed.

While making the arrests, deputies noted that Dylan smelled strongly of alcohol, and while advising Shiann of her charges, she stated, “I’m going to kill him.”

[Source Tampa Free Press]

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