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The recent death of legendary Broadcaster John Madden is hitting everyone in different ways. Some remember him as Raiders Head Coach leading them to the Super Bowl. Some remember his time as a football Broadcaster entertaining millions of NFL Fans. A newer generation remembers him from the video games that have kept children locked into the series since its inception. John Madden will live on in spirit for years to come.

John Madden has one surprising connection to Tampa, Florida that we will forever hold and no one can take from us. When John Madden was announcing Super Bowl XLIII, he did something that would shock fans everywhere. He announced it would be his final sports broadcast. Tampa has had legendary broadcasters come and go, but none bigger than John Madden, and while he was at Raymond James Stadium, he dropped that bombshell. Tampa Bay got to host the late legend for his last and final broadcast.

Funny enough this final broadcast was also the first time we would see a new rookie that has taken that Tampa Bay Buc’s by storm. It was the first time Tom Brady would win a Superbowl.

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