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Look we are never sure how that got there but this one may be a little tough to believe. Patrick Florence was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine, meth, ammunition, and a firearm.

Patrick was the passenger in a vehicle that was stopped early in the morning heading towards Clearwater. The vehicle was traveling without headlights or taillights and the causing the officers to pull it over. The driver was Darius Owens, 27, was arrested on DUI Charges and Possession charges.

However, when the officers searched the vehicle they found a handgun under Patrick’s seat. Patrick who has felonies was immediately arrested but denied that he owned the gun. As the Police searched deeper into Florence they found two plastic baggies “wrapped around his penis.” One baggie contained “cocaine powder and cocaine base,” while the other held a “crystal substance” police identified as methamphetamine.

When questioned about the baggies Patrick claimed they weren’t his. Patrick would not identify who owned the drugs or who wrapped them around his penis.

[Source Smoking Gun]

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