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The weather outside will not be frightful this weekend; you are going to need a pair of your best shorts and the fanciest flip-flops you own. Because according to local weather reports, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are going to be an average Florida day. Highs in the 70’s with some lows in the 50’s. This is due to a front predicted to push through come Friday, bringing a little rain.


According to the National Weather Service out of Ruskin, there is little to no chance of rain on Christmas. So even though we are having a cooler Christmas, it looks to be a warmer than average winter, according to the Weather Service.

Don’t expect the blanket of fog we have seen in recent weeks to be here either. The highest chance of fog during Christmas week is on Christmas Eve before the cold front fully appears.

And now for the weather report, we have all been waiting for. Sunday 1 PM when the Bucs play the Panthers, we are looking at warmer day highs almost in the 80’2 with lows at 61 Degrees. GO BUCS!