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Viagra May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's

The last thing we want to do is forget why we took an Erectile Drug in the first place. So it’s a good thing that recent studies out National Institutes of Health have shown people who took the drug sildenafil (also known by brand names including Viagra and Revatio) were less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

How they get anyone to participate in this study is a hard question you will want to ask. However, researchers¬†found regular users had a 69% lower chance of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s over the six years. In addition, the research team found in human neurons, ED Drugs enhanced growth and reduced Alzheimer’s biomarkers, supporting further investigation of sildenafil as a possible treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

The bad news is there is not a correlation that there were no signs that Viagra restored functions for those suffering from the disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia. According to the NIH, it is expected to affect 16 million Americans by 2050. Now we haven’t seen a new Alzheimer’s drug in almost 20 years, but we may now see doctors prescribing it to older men to help reduce that cognitive decline.

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