Jeff Zito

Weekday Afternoons 3pm - 7pm

How legendary of a festival is it that it doesn’t even want to wait for a whole other year before it comes back to melt the faces off. Welcome To Rockville. Returns May 19-22, 2022. And if you thought last years was great with Metallica playing 2 shows in one weekend, well, sit down because this one will blow you away. I’m just saying if you have any events whether they are family, wedding, or an anniversary, you’re going to want to cancel them because if you miss this you might as well live under a rock for the rest of your life. We have over 15 iconic bands and some of the bands that have redefined Rock n’ Roll as we know.

May 19

(Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

This is setting the entire weekend up to become the most rocking weekend of 2022 because headlining the night will be KISS. Thats right, they are capping off the shows that night with some other bands that will be known in Rock and Roll history like 5 Finger Death Punch and even Papa Roach. But, of course, this just starts us out the weekend, too, and if you can be there for the entire weekend, your going to want to be there.

May 20


KISS just doesn’t open the weekend for anyone usually they are usually the final act but this time they are giving the show over to freaking MEGADETH! That’s right MEGADETH is playing Friday night on the 20th and if you are not excited to see them well your just lying to us and that’s not cool man. Korn and Seether play Friday night as well followed by Skillet and Breaking Benjamin. These guys are gonna become the next era of classic rock when you get to play with KISS and the others coming later in the weekend

May 21


Alright if your fanboy panties aren’t wet yet you may want to grab a fresh pair now because Saturday is when it all goes down. Guns N’ Roses!!!!! This is where I would put a mic drop if this wasn’t an article. That’s right Guns N’ Roses are the headlining act for Saturday night. But don’t think Saturday has some weak chinned rock bands that are going to make the wait for Axl Rose painful. HELL NO!!!! Jerry Cantrell the founder, lead guitarist from Alice in Chains plays that night. However, they didn’t decide to give enough credit to our boys in the band BUSH because they are playing throughout the day as well. Your gonna hear bands like Rise Against and even Shinedown play so it’s going to make that wait for Guns N’ Roses that much better.

May 22



So if you made it this far then it means you are ready to get a face full of Rock and Roll. It’s too late to back out now you are here and you are going to be pleasantly surprised when you get face blasted by the freaking FOO FIGHTERS! That’s right Sunday, May 22, The Foo Fighters and this epic event but they aren’t the only ones to close out this rock tab. And if that wasn’t enough Janes Addiction is playing with them as well. Maybe we can get a crossover performance between them and the Smashing Pumpkins who are playing as well. They have earned their place to close out this festival. Plus we get some pretty hot rocker chicks playing that night as Halestorm and The Pretty Reckless are there as well. This is gonna be a great closeout to hands down the weekend of all weekends in 2022!